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We are proudly featuring a new NAHMMA product - the new HHW/CESQG Health and Safety 24-hour Training Manual.  It is billed as Beyond HAZWOPER and was written by three of our own NAHMMA Members:  Dave Nightingale, Ionie Wallace, and Teresa Gilbertson

A percentage of each sale of the book goes to NAHMMA when you purchase from us directly.  NAHMMA thanks you for your continued support.

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Handbook on Household Hazardous Waste

Edited by Amy D. Cabaniss
(NAHMMA Member)

According to the EPA, Americans generate 1.6 million tons of household hazardous waste (HHW) every year. This handbook offers the most comprehensive look at HHW, from the history of HHW management to the mechanics of HHW collection and creative management options, behavior change and product stewardship.  It also provides an extensive resource list.  Developed by leaders in the field, this handbook is valuable for anyone involved in the HHW field. 


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HHW Collection Facility Design Guide
Written by David Nightingale
(NAHMMA Member)
Whether you are upgrading your existing HHW/CESQG collection infrastructure or starting the process of designing a new or replacement facility, this Guide will provide you with key understanding of the process as well as lead you through the technical requirements for these unique facilities.

This Guide provides novice project managers as well as the experienced design professional valuable assistance in developing facilities that meet local project needs, site constraints, and safer operations in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

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HHW/CESQG Health and Safety 24-hour Training Manual

HHW/CESQG Health and Safety 24-hour Training Manual

NAHMMA Members: $100.00
Non-Members: $125.00

Authors:    David Nightingale, Washington State Department of Ecology
                   Ionie Wallace, San Bernadino Fire Department
                   Teresa Gilbertson, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
This manual was designed to accompany the 24 HHW/CESQG Health and Safety Training developed and offered by the North American Hazardous Materials Management Association (NAHMMA). It provides health and safety baseline training for common operations of a collection facility for household and/or conditionally exempt business hazardous waste. Much of this material is equally applicable to collection events. This training should benefit operators of facilities and events by reducing the risk of chemical exposure and other hazards to the public and staff and reducing the risk of accidental discharges to the environment.
This manual, in combination with the 24 hour training, helps less experienced HHW/CESQG staff learn the fundamentals of safe operations. Experienced HHW/CESQG staff and oversight personnel should realize new insights, as well as review and refresh knowledge acquired in previous training.  The information found here is of value to collection facility staff, health department staff, building officials, CESQG inspectors and technical assistance staff, state and local regulators, and other HHW/CESQG professionals who have responsibilities related to handling of these wastes.